Acting Coaching & Training

Jeremy provides individual and ensemble coaching and training for actors.  He has coached and trained actors for classical plays & musical theatre, auditions, professional development, and ensemble cultivation.  There are a lot of ways coaching and training can happen from a private one-on-one session, to rehearsal visits, to a series of sessions and conversations.  Jeremy works with a wide range of acting techniques and approaches but at the heart he is engaged in coaching and training actors in: Presence, Rigor, Authenticity, Precision, and Body-Mind integration.  The role of the coach/trainer is to take what you’re doing well, and help you find ways to make your strengths even better.  You will also gain new tips and tools to work on less-explored areas to help you expand your range. Coaching & training sessions usually start with a question.  Here are a few questions that frequently start a coaching or training session.

“Hey Jeremy…

  • “…I have an audition coming up and want to get some feedback on my material.  Can you check it out and give me some feedback?”
  • …we’ve cast this great actor but he’s a little inexperienced.  He’s got great impulses but he’s having trouble repeating his moments.  Can you coach him outside of rehearsal?”
  • …I’m having trouble with this role.  Can you help me clarify a few things and ground my character with some physical work?”
  • …I’m rusty, can you get me back up to a high performance level?”
  • …we’re working on this film and the director needs support with the actors.  Can you come in and provide coaching in rehearsals and on set?”
  • …I’m directing a period piece that’s language heavy.  Can you coach the actors land their beats within the poetic text?”
  • …we’re working on an original piece and could use some support with clarifying the acting choices.”
Have your own question?  Fill out the form below and start the conversation!

How does Acting Coaching & Training Work?

  1.  We’ll start with a conversation about your goals and your needs.  We’ll talk about schedules, time-frame, and other logistics too.  After our conversation I’ll send you a proposal with our goals, time-frame & schedule for the project, any logistics, and pricing information.  Once you’ve approved the proposal we’ll get started!  Our first conversation is on the house so don’t hesitate to contact me!
  2. After we’ve agreed on the details, we’ll get started with our first session and continue with our plan.  If you need rehearsal or coaching space I can reserve an NYC studio at discounted rates. I’ll provide clear goals and supporting learning materials for you, and your ensemble for group training, in preparation for you to continue to apply your new tools on your own.
  3. Following our last session, we’ll have a wrap-up conversation to answer any questions and make sure you’re good to continue with your work!


Pricing for individual Coaching/Training sessions starts at $35 per hour and generally run 60-90 minutes per session.  A Training session for groups starts at $150 for a two-hour training session. This price includes our initial, planning, and follow-up conversations. If you are interested in a longer series of sessions let me know.  I’m happy to work with your budget to support you in meeting your goals! Price does NOT include studio rental, which is your responsibility.  I am happy to make recommendations on great and affordable studio spaces in NYC.  I also receive discounts at many  spaces and can secure a lower rental rate for your session(s).  We’ll talk about space in our first conversation.

Start the Conversation

Reach out to me at for a quick response! Our first conversation is on the house and you will not be under any financial obligation until we have agreed on all of the details.