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Here you will find current calls for collaborations.  Resumes & proposals for collaboration outside of projects listed here are always accepted!  Please email your resume and materials to Jeremy.



“DARGER Conversations”

A project by Susan Ferrara & Jeremy Williams

With Erin Layton, Cathy McCullough, & Michael Shattner

Hosted by Convergences Theatre Collective

Melissa Negro, Associate Producer

Call for Collaborators

  • Video & Multimedia Artists

  • Writers, Poets, Playwrights

  • Dancers, Movers, Physical Actors

  • Composers & Musicians

  • Directors & Choreographers

  • Visual Artists

About “Darger”

Coal-burning fireplace.  One small room.  More than 60 years inside.  Creating.  When artist Henry Darger died, he left behind complete works no one had ever seen or read: In The Realms of the Unreal. 15,000 pages. Over 300 paintings, murals and collages. “Darger” explores Henry’s life and creative process (documented in his extensive journals), his writing (which includes fiction, popular culture, religious references), and his stunning visual world (collage, painting, manipulated images).  “Darger” is highly theatrical, exploring the themes central to Henry’s work: children’s rights, war, self-identity, heightened imagination, and a sense of deep play.

We’re taking the project outside of the confines of a traditional theatre setting and exploring different opportunities to investigate Darger’s work.  The end goal is an immersive theatrical event.  First, we want to have a series of “conversations” with artists to expand our modes of storytelling with respect to Darger, his life and work.

What is the commitment to participate?

We are asking for a low-commitment to participate in the first “Darger Conversation”; it is a series of three days of conversation, research, and improvisation.  Current dates include:

  • Thursday, 12/12 (evening)
  • Friday, 12/13 (evening)
  • Saturday, 12/14 (afternoon)

What is “Darger Conversations”?

“Darger Conversations” will include dialogue, research, composition, and collaboration between all of the participating artists.  Project leaders Susan Ferrara and Jeremy Williams will facilitate these creative conversations.  Susan and Jeremy initiated this collaborative project in the spring of 2009 which led to a workshop production in the fall of 2009.  We collaborated with the American Folk Art Museum which holds the largest and most comprehensive collection of Darger’s visual work, writing, and personal effects.  Brooke Anderson Davis was the curator at the time; her support gave us full access to the museum’s Darger collection which formed the basis of our first exploration.  We teamed up with actor/creator Erin Layton, puppeteer/creator Cathy McCullough, and actor/musician/creator Michael Shattner to create and present the 2009 workshop. The workshop was met with great excitement from audiences, including the Folk Art Museum staff and board, and we realized that this project was much larger than we had originally intended!

Jeremy and Susan have remained interested in bringing this project back and have been re-imagining how it is made as well as how it is presented to the public.  This is a drastic re-imaging of this piece.  While Henry worked in a tiny space, the worlds he created were beyond epic, and scale must enter our process.  Our initial work with puppets, with Cathy McCullough, was focused on animating small objects.  We found that this type of puppetry was just the beginning of theatricalizing Darger’s world and the scale must be increased.  Additionally, projection – both moving and still images – need to be layered in, mirroring his sophisticated work with collage and manipulated image.  We also have compositional questions around incorporating live video as a bridge between the literal and fictional worlds.

Many questions around very provocative material: that is the heart of the “DARGER” project.  For more info about the 2009 workshop and creative team, please visit:

How to become a collaborator

Please email the following information:

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  • Resume/CV & Link(s) to work samples

  • Why you’d like to collaborate on “Darger Conversations”

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