Conversations with Jeremy

Invite me into your classroom or rehearsal studio via Skype!  I give presentations, facilitate creative conversations, and teach online using simple technology to connect with artists across the US and beyond!  An online conversation does not offer the same experience as a live interaction, but it is a great medium to share ideas and have dynamic conversations that lead to rewarding learning experiences.  Online learning is a practical solution that is both cost effective and delivers a useful set of tools for your students to apply on their own.  Here are a few conversations that I’ve been engaged with regularly.  Have a different conversation on your mind?  Fill out the form below!

Online Conversations & Workshops

The artist/audience relationship is key for a successful production of any kind.  In this conversation Jeremy will share his experience with exploring different approaches to building this relationship through performance and the artistic process.   Students will hear about both successful and failed experiments with the artist and audience relationship and share their own ideas, experiences, and questions.  At the core of this conversation is the understanding that you must attend to this relationship for every project.  There is not one “right” way to address the artist/audience relationship but every project requires a specific plan to effectively communicate with an audience to create a successful performance.

Take-aways for Students:

• Understand the many exciting possibilities between artists and audiences

• Gain insight on different approaches to cultivating the artist/audience relationship

• Apply the tactics presented by Jeremy to their own work with Learning Materials and tips on cultivating the artist/audience relationship


All artists are entrepreneurs.  We promote, market, and share our skills and talent to a wide range of audiences from casting directors to producers to fans.  But we don’t often organize ourselves as entrepreneurs in our approach to managing our careers, projects, and organizations.  This conversation will give practical examples and tips on how to get organized to create a successful pathway for your artistic goals.  The great news is that as performing artists, we are already great at making connections!  The tactics I’ll present will help your students relate their experience as artists to basic business practices.  The core of this conversation is understanding how to create systems to support your artistic work through sustainable practices.

Take-aways for Students:

• Understand the importance of acting like an entrepreneur for a successful career

• Gain insights on different systems and tactics that support operating your art business

• Apply the systems & tactics presented by Jeremy to their own career/business


I’ve spent the majority of my career creating, developing, and producing new work including plays, musicals, dance, nightclub performances, and experimental dance-theatre.  Creating your own work is challenging but can be a very rewarding path to creating a successful career.  It also allows you to showcase your abilities without having to depend a director or producer hiring you for a gig.  This conversation will include a brief history of Jeremy’s original work, his approach to creating work, and tactics for your students to start creating and producing their own work.  The core of this conversation is understanding how creating new work is both artistically exciting and professionally rewarding.

Take-aways for Students:

• Understand how creating new work can support your larger career goals

• Gain insight on the different approaches to creating your own work

• Apply the tactics presented by Jeremy to either start making or shake-up your approach to creating your own work


How Do Online Conversations Work?

  1. We’ll start with a conversation to discuss your goals for your students, length of the conversation/workshop, and an overview of the basic technology you’ll need to host your end of the conversation.
  2. I’ll provide learning materials for your students prior to the conversation/workshop to prepare them to engage in a dynamic conversation that is aimed at supporting their work as artists.
  3. We’ll do a test call to make sure that the technology is working at least 1 day before our scheduled conversation/workshop.
  4. On the day of the conversation/workshop, we’ll connect online before your students arrive so we can start right on time and make the most of our time together.  Your students will leave with clear action-steps and other tools to assist them in furthering the conversation we started.
  5. After the conversation/workshop we can have a follow-up call to talk about the session and any questions that might have come-up later.  I’m committed to providing accessible learning that students will be able to continue to explore after our time together.


Each of these conversations can be a single class/session or can become a series based on the goals we create together for your students.  A single class/session starts at $150 for a 45-60 min conversation.  This includes our planning conversation, learning materials for your students, test call, the session, and the follow-up call.  Longer sessions and series are priced based on length and content.  Our first conversation is on the house and you will not be under any financial obligation until we have agreed on all of the details.

Start the Conversation

Remember, the first conversation is on the house so don’t hesitate to get it started today! Reach out to me at for a quick response!