Want to add a little pop to your pelvis?  A little choreography to your craft?  A little sparkle in your spotlight? Or perhaps crank the volume up on your whole act?  I’ve coached nightlife performers to increase the drama and spectacle of their current acts as well as creating brand-spanking new material! I’ve had the pleasure of coaching:

  • Aerialists (static & flying)
  • Drag Entertainers
  • Burlesque Dancers
  • Pop & Club Musicians
  • Circus Performers
  • Performance Artists

In various venues including: nightclubs, bars, casinos, music halls, cabaret spots, warehouses, and fancy theaters.

Performance Coaching

What do you get from a coaching session?  We’ll start with a consultation- a preliminary meeting to get acquainted, discuss your act, set goals for our time together, and schedule our session(s).  In the studio we will focus on a couple of aspects to ramp up your act to take it from good to explosive!  Fill out the form below to schedule a consultation and our first session.   Our first conversation is on the house so don’t hesitate to contact me! Pricing for Coaching starts at $35 hour, which does not include studio rental.

New Act Creation

Have an idea for an act?  I’m available to help you transform your great idea into a dazzling (or dark if that’s your thing), dynamic act that will take your fans on a journey they aren’t likely soon to forget.  We’ll build an act around your existing skills and strengths that highlights your unique entertainment persona while expanding your “bag of tricks” – pushing the boundaries to surprise and entertain your fans. Pricing for new act creation is variable based on rehearsal time, complexity of the act, and your skill level (ie, experienced performers generally need less rehearsal time).  Let’s have a conversation and we can make a plan.  Our first conversation is on the house so don’t hesitate to contact me!

Start the Conversation

Reach out to me at for a quick response! Our first conversation is on the house and you will not be under any financial obligation until we have agreed on all of the details.