Outside Eye

We all hit stumbling blocks or need a fresh set of eyes on our work from time to time.  I offer “Outside Eye” consultations to support your upcoming project or production.  I love providing support both in the rehearsal room and through conversations to directors and choreographers.  Frequently these conversations start with a question.  Here are a few questions that have lead to Outside Eye consultations:

 ”Hey Jeremy…

  • …I just choreographed a new dance.  Can you watch it and let me know if the story (or movement, theme, intention, etc) is clear?”
  • …we’ve been working on some blocking for this new play and it’s not not working out.  Can you take a look and make some suggestions?”
  • …I’m in my own work.  It’s going well but I could use an outside eye to watch a run-thru and let me know how it’s working from the audience’s perspective.  Can you watch a run-thru and then have a chat to give me your questions and feedback?”
  • ….I’m having trouble communicating with an actor about some of the choices he’s making.  Can you come in and watch a few scenes and work with him?”
  • …this is my first big project.  Can you come in a few times during the rehearsal process and give me feedback on how I’m running rehearsals?  It would also be great to have you in tech to help me keep us on schedule.”
  • …my dances are a mess.  The dancers have the choreography but I can’t get it as clean or as sharp as I’d like it to be.  Can you come into rehearsal to clean them up?”
  • …we need two quick dances for this project.  Can you help us make them?”
  • …I have a few ideas about the project I’d like to kick around.  I’d love to get your thoughts and figure out some realistic approaches to making them happen.”

How does Outside Eye work?

  1. We’ll have a conversation about your project so I can learn about your goals and your needs.  It’s great if you have a specific question or we can figure it out together.  We’ll determine a plan of action and a schedule for me to join your rehearsal process.  Following the conversation I’ll send you a proposal with our goals, time-frame, and pricing info.  Once you’ve approved the proposal we’ll get started!  Our first conversation is on the house so don’t hesitate to contact me.
  2. After we’ve agreed to all the details I’ll come to your rehearsal or we’ll set up a time to have a conversation, depending on what kind of support you need.  Following our session together we’ll have a time for me to give you feedback.  If we’ve agreed to multiple sessions we’ll continue with our schedule till the project is complete.
  3. Following our final session, we’ll have a wrap-up conversation for any new questions and to make sure you’re all set to move forward with your process.


Pricing for Outside Eye varies based on your goals and needs.  I’m happy to work with your budget to find a solution that is practical for your project at it’s current stage of development.  We’ll talk about your budget as well as your goals and needs in our first conversation.

Start the Conversation

Reach out to me at Jeremy@Jeremy-Williams.org for a quick response! Our first conversation is on the house and you will not be under any financial obligation until we have agreed on all of the details.