Script & Story Development

How’s that script coming along?  

Is your story clear?  

Does your structure support your narrative?  

Is your vision clear on the page or the stage?  

Is your formatting clear, consistent, and easy to read?  

Don’t sit and wonder, let’s have a look!  In addition to writing my own work, I frequently work with playwrights as an story consultant and editor.  It’s great to have outside eyes on your work to support your process and to advocate for the successful completion of your play.

Story development is also very useful for non text-based performance (dance, burlesque, performance art).  Story doesn’t have to be a liner narrative.  It can be a wonderful series of unconnected events placed next to each other, but why are they next to each other?  Your audience will ask this question and you should take care of your audience’s experience to provide an enjoyable and entertaining night of performance.

How does Script & Story Development work?

  1. We’ll start with a conversation about your project and your goals.  After that conversation I’ll send you a proposal with all of the details including time-frame of our project together, goals, and pricing information.  Once you’ve approved the proposal we’ll get started!  Our first conversation is on the house so don’t hesitate to contact me!
  2. After we’ve agreed on the details I’ll read your script or watch your rehearsal.  We’ll have a feedback session for a quick turn-around for you to make any adjustments or edits.  Depending on your project we might set up several rounds of review and edits depending on where you are in the process and the level of support that you need.
  3. After the final feedback session we’ll have a wrap-up conversation to answer any questions and make sure you’re ready to move forward with your project!


Pricing for Script & Story Development is variable based on your project and goals.  Pricing starts at $200 which includes our goal-setting conversation, me reading/watching your material, providing you with feedback, and our wrap-up conversation.

Start the Conversation

Reach out to me at for a quick response! Our first conversation is on the house and you will not be under any financial obligation until we have agreed on all of the details.