Somatic Acting

It’s not enough to be a good actor.  You have to be great in every role in every performance.  Somatic Acting makes good actors great!

Somatic Acting is an approach that works directly with the actor’s body, mind, and imagination to create dynamic performances in any genre or style of theatre from classical to contemporary plays.  It is an approach that creates highly transformative actors who give surpassing and powerful performances.  This workshop gives actors tools and tips to move beyond habitual responses to craft a repeatable performance that is supportive to the actor and meets the challenges laid out by the play. The focus of the workshop will be on working directly the the actor’s Sensory-Motor Loop to cultivate a natural response that connects the body and mind in order to expand the range of expression and options for choice for the actor.

Participants will:

  • Explore via warm-up and experiential exploration their Sensory-Motor Loop: the body’s natural way of taking in, processing, and responding
  • Apply the exploration to a monologue or scene with coaching
  • Engage in feedback about the noticeable difference that Somatic Acting brings to your performance

Workshop Details:

This workshop requires a minimum of 1 hour, but can be expanded to a longer session or series of classes based on your needs. We need an open (unobstructed) space that will accommodate your whole class moving at once. Participants will need a short memorized monologue or scene.

Start the Conversation

Want to chat about Somatic Acting? Reach out to me at for a quick response! Our first conversation is on the house and you will not be under any financial obligation until we have agreed on all of the details.