“Jeremy never says, that’s not possible. What he says is: let’s invent a a way to make it possible.

My time working with Jeremy on various artistic projects has meant those projects have dedicated support,  incredible energy and new ways of building experiences with art at the center. My company has an entire tool shed of ways to approach audience engagement thanks to my work with Jeremy.”

Melissa Riker, Artistic Director & Choreographer of Kinesis Project dance theatre  (NYC)

“Jeremy has worked with Phoenix for the last three seasons as a director of our Phoenix For the Family Series, which has been a successful collaboration. We turned to Jeremy in his capacity as a consultant this year to assist with finding solutions to the challenge of our declining earned income.  Phoenix has operated in a traditional subscription season format since its inception serving an older loyal audience, which unfortunately is getting smaller every year.  We have gotten stuck in our traditional approach to subscription programming and have not been able to attract a new audience or find an economical way to increase programming.   Jeremy has introduced new thinking to our artistic director ensemble and provided practical advice on how we can maximizing our current programs by opening up our process to our audience and monitizing it at the same time.  We look forward to implementing these recommendations in this upcoming season.”

Craig Smith & Elise Stone, Founding Co-Artistic Directors of Phoenix Theatre Ensemble (NYC)

“Jeremy is one of the most kind, supportive, and inspiring artists I have had the privilege of working with.  Whenever I have a question about directing, marketing, technical support, touring, or even brining in a bigger audience-I immediately call Jeremy.   I will never do a show again with out bringing Jeremy in as a consultant as he is a brilliant and imperative addition to any arts project.

Scott Lyons, Artistic Director of Scott Lyons & Company (NYC)


“I hired Jeremy to direct a production of Handler, by Robert Schenkann, but he offered far more than his wonderful directorial abilities. He worked with me to develop an outreach plan for bringing in new audience members connecting with local university professors, preachers and churches. He had creative ideas for involving these local experts in post-show discussions with the audience. He also helped to write grant proposals which were accepted allowing the show to be fully funded. I have used his strategies to build audiences and make bridges to local experts and organizations in other theatrical productions and I look forward to working with him again. Jeremy is a pleasure to work with. He makes anything possible with his positive and relaxed attitude.”

Christa Ray, Founder of DragonFly Arts, Inc. and Managing Director of Giving Voice Productions (Boulder, CO)


“Jeremy mentored me through the process of planning the production of my first play. He was generous, authoritative and organized in his approach to actors, staff and in his support of me. Consequently, the production looked elegant, his direction of the play was inspired and the audience responded with delight. I was successfully launched.”

Peggy Firestone, Creative and Therapeutic Facilitation, author of Inanna (Chicago, IL)


“Jeremy and I have collaborated on several projects for my design company, special events, & theatrical productions.  With each of our collaborations he has always been the voice of reason, the epitome of organization, and the backbone of setting and meeting deadlines. Having him on my team was absolutely invaluable because not only did he prepare me for things I would have never expected – as well as teaching me new effective techniques for my business- but his cool collected presence helped me stay calm in even the most stressful of situations.”

Nick Stryker, Theatrical & Custom Fashion Designer & Founder of Nick Stryker (NYC)