Theatrical Alchemy

Theatrical Alchemy is a workshop that redefines performance making. We begin with working with the most basic elements of the theatre to discover their potency, properties, and poetry. Next we create a story by transforming these elements into coherent phrases with a discrete beginning, middle, and end. Through imagination, transformation, and experimentation we arrive with a story composed with, and driven by, a theatrical language. This is playMAKING not playWRITING.

Workshop includes:

  • Introduction and exploration of Theatrical Composition
  • Investigation of theatrical elements to find their individual poetry (lights, costumes, props, sound, text/script, movement, et cetra)
  • Create small compositions, or moments, as solos and small ensembles
  • Give and receive critical feedback in a format focusing on Structural Analysis as well as additional feedback models
  • Learn how to editing and clarify compositions
  • Explore sequencing compositions to explore narrative structures

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will develop a sophisticated yet fun language for talking about what is happening on the stage
  • Awareness training to take what is in front of you and make a magical moment
  • Re-discover play within a play by unlocking their imaginations through clear and direct theatrical expression
  • Create theatrical work to share with an audience!

Workshop Details:

This is a multi-session workshop that requires a minimum on 10 contact hours between students and teachers.This can be an “open” workshop or be focused on a new piece you’d like to make with your students.  This is always a great way to rediscover a wonderful classical play!  A formal stage space is not needed, but we will need access to a space with controled lighting (on/off with very little additional lights), stereo, and a few other theatrical elements (props, costumes, etc).  I can provide a “Theatrical Kit” for an additional fee wich will include: lighting sources, props, costumes, sound-making objects.

Student Feedback:

“Theatrical Alchemy was a wonderful experience for me because it opened the doors to new possibilities for me.”

“Breaking down each component of theater allowed me to do more physical research that extends beyond the process of thinking… that was very important for me because my tendency is to think and not do.”

“You found the best in each of us as artists, nurtured our strengths and encouraged our weaknesses.” 

Start the Conversation

Want to have a chat about Theatrical Alchemy? Reach out to me at for a quick response! Our first conversation is on the house and you will not be under any financial obligation until we have agreed on all of the details.